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Immediate smart solution to connect with your target market on mobile.

Incredible 3D animation of the fetus' development

Weekly/Monthly Content

Multi-platform video channels

A toolbox of unique features

The most frequently asked questions by expecting and new parents

Location-based, context-based, and timeline-based advertising solutions

85%of future moms are connected to smart devices and are searching for health services on mobile


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Completely localized and relevant to your hospital and to users in your area

Target this niche market and spend only by the area covered

Communicate with pregnant women and new parents in your area today


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Leading platform in the mobile pregnancy market

"Top Ten Health Tech Companies Changing The World "- Forbes


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Answer Questions

Totally provides the solution for your experts to directly communicate with local users and answer their questions.

As content contributors in all features

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Discussion board

Feature your videos, content, classes and services to local users, converting them to your loyal customers.

Qualified Leads

Reach a niche market to collect targeted leads

Use forms to collect data for your services and experts



See the results speak for themselves!

Gain a new constant revenue stream as pregnant moms stay with you as new moms

Clalit Case Study

With eight hospitals and over 800 primary care clinics nationwide, 50 multi-disciplinary regional clinics, and over 1,200 affiliated private offices, Clalit is the largest healthcare provider in Israel, covering over 60% of the population.

Overall, Clalit experienced a 30% increase in maternal market share after introduction of the Totally Pregnant app. Patient satisfaction scores were also significantly increased.

Since 2013, close to 600,000 moms have installed and used the Totally Pregnant app.

90% market penetration

54% active users

68% returning users

Avg time per session: 13 mins 39 secs

25,000 videos watched every month

1,250 questions asked to the doctors per month

About Us

Totally is the smart must-have companion for future moms and new parents. It is all about changing the way healthcare providers and brands communicate with this niche market.

Totally is an innovative platform for healthcare providers to promote their experts and services directly to future parents in their area. Its “Totally Pregnant” app is highly robust and personalized for pregnant women, available in the U.S. and worldwide on all smart devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, and Desktop.

The Totally platform uses targeted technology to accommodate for all-sized hospitals by bringing them value in reaching future moms in their area through these three primary criteria: location, timeline and specific interests.

Together with Totally, hospitals can increase their numbers of births by interacting with thousands of future parents in their area and bringing them to their hospital, experts, and services.