Not Totally Pregnant Yet? Don’t Sweat It!

While being Totally Pregnant is Totally Awesome, one of the great parts about getting pregnant is the process! Although it can sometimes take a while and be stressful, the most important tip is to relax…

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Totally Tips – 1st Trimester!

Walk when you can! Walking for 20 minutes a day will help your body to cope better with the physical demands of pregnancy and labor! If you're having trouble sleeping then try: lying on your…

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Announcing Your Pregnancy!

Congratulations! You’re pregnant and you’re ready to scream it from the rooftops!  We asked some Totally Pregnant users to tell us how they shared the big news with the world or with their partners! Check…

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10 things about being pregnant

10 Things No One Told You About Being Pregnant

So you thought that your days of taking pills every day were over? That annoying daily contraceptive pill? Yeah it’s replaced with a folic acid and iron pill. That you will be advised to take…

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RECIPE: Ginger Cookies To Help Relieve Morning Sickness

Did you know that ginger can help to relieve your morning sickness? We’ve got a great and easy-to-make recipe for some yummy ginger cookies!   Ingredients   300 grams of flour (2 1/2 cups) 1…

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Flu Season Sucks!

Being sick sucks! There is no better way to say it! Being sick is the absolute worst – especially when you are pregnant! Suffering from headaches, fever, stuffy nose and exhaustion while you are pregnant…

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Dealing With Morning Sickness

Every mommy-to-be knows what it’s like to make a mad dash to the bathroom – especially during those first few weeks! While some mommies are luckier than others, few mommies escape morning sickness entirely (it…

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Crazy Cravings!

We all know that pregnancy brings with it some crazy cravings! Mommies-to-be need a little more nourishment – ok maybe a lot more! There is a reason they say you should never get in the…

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RECIPE: Watermelon Ice Lollies To Help Relieve Morning Sickness!

Research has shown that watermelon can help to relieve morning sickness due to it’s high water content and fruit sugars. So we’ve come up with some easy to make and tasty watermelon ice lollies! It’s…

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Protein Power!

Did you know that an important part of your nutrition includes eating enough protein? Protein is important for bone development in babies! To help you out we gathered a list of high protein foods you…

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