Hi Moms-to-be!

We’re excited to be on this journey with you. We know that you’re busy; we know that you have questions; we know that you don’t want to have to search through the internet looking for the answers. We know that you want something that’s just right for you. Something that is tailored to your location, tailored to your stage of pregnancy and tailored to your needs. By personalizing the site and adding your details and due date we’ll be able to give you exactly the information you need and want!


We know that you want answers and you want them now. We know you want real advice from real people who care about you and your baby. We know that robots don’t know what it’s like to be pregnant! Real women do!


We know that you can ask your mom or your friends all your questions. But we also know that we have a community of moms who are ready to help. Moms who have been there and done that and who know whether you really need to buy that product, or if those morning sickness cures are old wives tales or proven momfacts.


We know that when you’re in week 10 you don’t need a stroller, that’s why we don’t offer you one. Instead we offer you recipes for morning sickness, videos of your growing baby and maternity jeans for your growing bump. The you that is right now. We know that when you’re in week 36 you want to start buying baby baths, baby clothes and breastfeeding pillows. We’ll be ready and waiting for you when you hit that stage with the best prices on the best gear delivered right to your door.


We’ll give you everything that’s just right for you. Relating to your timeline and your location.

On our website you’ll find:

  • amazing 3D video’s showing your fetus’s development as your bump grows!
  • video blogs from real moms-to-be from around the world documenting their own personal journey week by week through their pregnancy
  • 40 chapters of video experiences from expecting mom’s like you and meet the pregnancy experts who’ll guide you on your journey
  • discussion groups where you can share your experiences and be supported by our community of Totally Pregnant moms
  • a toolbox including an emergency contact form and birth plan
  • all the prenatal and birth classes you need
  • a shop with all the products you’ll need during your pregnancy and for the first few months after
  • weekly magazine-style guide to your pregnancy including tips, facts and recipes
  • a photo album to store all your photos and document your journey
  • a due date calculator


Please feel free to get in touch anytime! We are always happy to hear your feedback and get to know you better!

Just drop us an email at: feedback@iamtotally.com




The Totally Pregnant Team xxx