For expectant moms and new parents, TOTALLY is the must have App with a direct connection to healthcare providers, experts, unique content and a growing community.
For healthcare providers, HMO’s, and healthcare systems, TOTALLY is the immediate m-health solution for connecting and communicating with future moms.


Although people are connected on mobile, when it comes to health, they are stuck with bureaucracy and anxiety.
Healthcare providers and services bombard this lucrative niche market yet are stuck using traditional advertising.

85% of new parents are connected via mobile yet only 5% of the hospitals are technologically connected when it comes to pregnancy.


With a focus on providing an innovative mobile application available on all screens, TOTALLY has developed a digital health solution for the vast maternity and childcare market.





TOTALLY is positioned as a innovative engaging consumer product on one hand, and a robust health-tech platform on the other hand, providing resources for each step of the pregnancy process and parenting of toddlers up to three years of age. With such a niche target market and unique location based features, TOTALLY is able to provide an enhanced customized platform for users, as well as partners such as hospitals, health care providers, medical experts, businesses and big brands.


A Validated Product

In the last 3 years we validated our platform through our partnership with CLALIT Health Services – the 2nd largest HMO worldwide. ​

TOTALLY was selected by the board of the Texas Hospital Association THA (500 Hospitals) to distribute the “TOTALLY connected” solution directly to healthcare providers in Texas.


Business Model

We are on our way to becoming the reference in a $260 Billion market.

We are building a healthcare marketplace that includes a business model of subscription fees and leads from healthcare systems, hospitals, ob-gyns, doulas, midwives, insurance companies and pharmacies.


In June 2014, TOTALLY Pregnant was selected by FORBES as : Top Ten Health Tech Companies Changing The World!


TOTALLY PREGNANT is live on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Tablets.

The app has already achieved remarkable adoption in the U.S, UK, Canada and Israel.


TOTALLY was selected by the board of the Texas Hospital Association (500 Hospitals) to distribute the “TOTALLY Connected” solution directly to healthcare providers in Texas.

A co-marketing agreement with the THA was announced on October 30, 2014.


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